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Laci Parx

Deluxe Holiday Gift Box Set

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Designer candle
Full size home mist spray

Bask in the bourgeois scent of opulence in full bloom. The rich textures of an extravagant blanc satin nightgown shimmering in candlelight. Crafted in a high-rise in the Midwest in a stunning Laci Parx gift set. ✨Perfect Holiday Gift

Gift Box includes: 1 Designer candle of your choice and one fullsize lux room mist and a FREE GIFT!

Limited Edition:

Pumkin épice: Nutmeg, warm ginger, Cinnamon, cloves, Allspice, pumpkin pie, Vanilla

Sucree Pomme: Apple, warm spicy, Cinnamon, woody, Bergamot, rose, Vanilla

Lace Parc’: spicy, floral, herbaceous, lavender, pink grapefruit, chamomile, rosemary, clary sage

Best Sellers:

MUSE: Fresh Rose, patchouli, iris, Pineapple, wood, Ylang Ylang, lemon, Vanilla

0° By Laci Parx: Buttercream, Aquatic Aroma, Vanilla Cream, White Cake, Sugar, Bourbon.

C.E.O: Fresh Lime, Mandarin Oranges, Aquatic Aroma, Bergamot, Neroli, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang

ZAUNTI: Champagne, Bergamot, White Balsam,  Cedar, Pine, Juniper, Moss, Patchouli.

STRAWBERRY FLAME: Fresh Strawberries & sour rhubarb marmalade, flaky pie crust, melon.

BLACK BY LACI: Amberwood, Jasmine, coconut lime verbena, smoky black tea, Saffron, cedarwood

New Edition:

White by Laci: Sparkling wine, french cypress, jasmine, white cedarwood, cherry, black berries

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